Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts

Since marijuana is the most commonly consumed illegal drug in the United States, there are several users across the world itself who are habitual or occasional users of marijuana, there are host of facts and considerations surrounding this drug and we must take a note of all kinds of marijuana facts before we succumb to conclusions. Although, marijuana belongs to a category that can cause a variety of harmful effects in the body, there are few facts and myths that surround users and people who complete refrain from such drugs and whether or not we consume marijuana, we must be aware of marijuana myths marijuana facts at all times.

Marijuana Causing Cancer
A usual question asked by many people regarding drugs, or particularly marijuana is that can marijuana cause cancer. A string link between smoking any kind of drug or tobacco and lung cancer is undeniable; however the answer is somewhat ambiguous and hazy as there is no direct proof that can marijuana cause cancer. Several studies were carried out in the past that cancer can be caused by prolonged consumption of marijuana and in another research long term usage of marijuana increased the risk of lung cancer in young adults with the intensity of risk increasing with enhanced consumption.
The reason why the question of can marijuana cause cancer is asked owing to the fact that first the drug is illegal and many of the carcinogens and co-carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are also present in marijuana smoke and smoking of which can result in cell damage and inflammation that is usually associated with pre-cancerous changes in lung tissues that can ultimately lead to cancerous conditions as marijuana is also known to cause immune dysfunction as well.
The most popular myth surrounding marijuana is that Amsterdam is kind of Mecca for marijuana lovers and users as its legal to grow marijuana in the country. The same myth now has been extended to California and it is known to have an active marijuana culture high quality genetics. However one must realize that the California state laws allow for marijuana consumption on medical grounds and not for recreational purposes.
Post the Regan war on drugs in the mid 90s, a number of farmers were forced to look for other lands to grow marijuana and Holland and British Columbia were found to be promising than any other country and hence since then marijuana has successfully thrived in these lands.
Even though, it may seem surprising; but marijuana may actually not directly induce cancer, as it may not do much harm than any other form of tobacco smoked which can cause the usual respiratory hazards and cell damage. No serious lung effects are caused by marijuana and this fact or myth has been under constant scanner as various researches and studies have been conducted with marijuana and till date we cannot confirm or weaken the result of marijuana on our system.
Marijuana myths marijuana facts are too many to list under a single write up and occasional or regular users must conduct their own fair share of research over the web and in literary sources as multiple information and details are available these days and before initiating consumption of marijuana or any other drug, staying aware is the key to avoid any problems.

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