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Jul 12

New York Mayor Bloomberg Talks Out Both Sides of His Mouth on Marijuana

The New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who admits to smoking pot and enjoying it has quietly made marijuana arrest his number one police priority.

Michael Bloomberg New York Marijuana

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was elected for his centrist policies and business experience. His pursuit of the War on Drugs, however, has cost the tax payers of New York dearly. A report authored by Professor Harry Levine of Queens College was recently published by the Drug Policy Alliance. The report criticizes the manner in which Mayor Bloomberg has prosecuted the drug war. Professor Levine’s report claims that Bloomberg has inappropriately spent tax-payer money to carry out a personal social philosophy. Continue reading →


Jan 11

What good is your state?

Interesting information, collected would be similar to the marijuana related map :) . It would be nice.
On this map only Rhode Island associated with marijuana :) , has the higest rate of marijuana use.

Click on image for full size view

Best of US states



Nov 10

9 Steps to rolling a Marijuana Blunt

1.     Materials – such as a the cigar, weed, knife, lighter

2.     Bust it – lick the leaf, unwrap it, use your knife to cut down the middle, then bust the guts out of the cigar till its empty

3.     Tear it – tear or cut of the rounded end of the cigar

4.     Lick it – lick the edges of the blunt so that when you fill it with your marijuana you can seal it

5.     Add it – after breaking your marijuana down spread it out evenly through the length of your blunt

6.     Fold it – tuck the shorter side of the wrap around your weed, rolling it and folding it

7.     Seal it – lick the last half inch of your blunt paper lengthwise, then press the rest down carefully, not making the hold too small on both ends

8.     Bake it – use your lighter running it up and down your blunt while spinning the blunt, this will make your blunt firm and hold the marijuana tight

9.     Spark it – last thing to do is spark it up and smoke it


Oct 10

Cat eats marijuana :)

Cat eats marijuana :) ,  he likes it.