Bus driver had smoked pot in Fatal Wreck

Three Japanese tourists were killed in a rollover crash in Utah last month and the bus driver for the tour bus had marijuana in his system.  The 26 year old bus driver, Yasushi Mikuni, was charged with 10 felony counts of negligent driving under the influence and one misdemeanor charge of having marijuana residue in his body.  He fell asleep at the will from lack of sleep according to authorities.  Eleven people were injured in the crash.

The report made public on Wednesday found that lack of sleep was the real motive of why the bus driver crashed; not the pot!  He actually was downing energy drinks and chewing gum shortly after picking up the tourists in Las Vegas; reported by investigators.

Prosecutors said they considered charging Mikuni with more sever counts of vehicular homicide or negligent homicide, but believed the negligent driving charges were suitable.  Bauer told the Tribune, “We though these charges fit the best and got the most punishment.”

I’m glad to see the prosecutors using their knowledge of the law and using it wisely.  Justice was served properly and that is what we hope for as people in this society among each other.

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