Cannabis use: myths and facts

Cannabis is a drug used for recreational, religious, spiritual and medicinal purposes. It has a history of spiritual usage. It is also known as Marijuana. It has varied medicinal uses. Cannabis has been used for the treatment of many diseases like AIDS, Depression, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pain relief, Epilepsy, Alcoholism, Spasticity, Anxiety, Insomnia, drug addiction, brain tumor, migraine and many more diseases.

Cannabis are environment friendly and are used to make papers and can be harvested within three to six months as compared to wood trees which takes more than 30 years for making paper. Biomass can be converted in to any form of energy and Cannabis biomass can also be used as fuel.

Since state governments have always openly opposed Cannabis use it has always been tabooed as a gateway to harder drugs. However, instances in the near past have shown results where druggists using cocaine, Heroin etc have reduced the usage of these hard drugs after the Cannabis use. Several other myths about the Cannabis use are popular. Some say that it contains about four hundred chemicals wherever a harsher fact is that our own regular coffee contains about 1500 chemicals. So the underlining fact is that not all the chemicals are dangerous and number of chemicals is not adequate information to decide the danger level as a rat kill has only 30 chemicals. Another myth reportedly says that Cannabis use decreases immune system of the human body but on the other side scientists and various other tests have proven that its usage have actually increased immune system in some human bodies. Similarly there are many myths which have underlying facts to them. I also do not insist to take my advice and go ahead; would rather suggest you to go by the saying “Don’t believe everything you read”. Think twice and look for more facts rather than believing in myths for Cannabis use.

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