Ohio seizes 70,000 Marijuana Plants in 2010

Attorney General Richard Corday for Ohio announced that law enforcement has seized more than 70,000 marijuana plants statewide in 2010.  This has been the largest total since 1997.  The recent influx in the number of plants has been attributed to the large number of Mexican grow operations.  Half the plants seized throughout the year have been from these types of commercial marijuana growing operations.

As of result of the cannabis seizures there have been tons of raids arresting more than 100 individuals throughout Ohio.  This year’s total represents about a 46% jump from the 48,000 plants that were seized last year.

This is why legalization needs to be legal. There are way too many arrests for a non-violent plant such as marijuana, which totals in zero in the death count.  If the black market is taken away then people can get the medicine they need.  Less money will be spent on harmless criminals and more focused

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