Marijuana Hydroponics Systems

Marijuana Hydroponics Systems

Marijuana Hydroponics Systems

Marijuana or cannabis is a banned drug in most jurisdictions. But despite this, its demand is increasing and marijuana cultivation has become very popular. There are many countries in the world where marijuana is cultivated and in North America, Canada is fast emerging as a major marijuana producing country. Due to its increased demand, marijuana cultivation has become a hugely profit making enterprise.

Many people cultivate marijuana at home for personal use and some countries have legalized cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. In some states special permissions may be sought and given for growing marijuana on a case by case basis.
Now if your laws do allow you to cultivate marijuana then you have the choice of cultivating the same both indoors and outdoors. To grow marijuana indoors you will have to create an environment which is suitable for marijuana growth. Another method which is gaining popularity these days is hydroponic marijuana growing. Hydroponic marijuana is grown indoors. It does not use soil as a medium. It uses rockwool,coil,perlite,wood fiber etc as medium .Essential nutrients are supplied to the plants by a pump or such other method. The nutrient solution mainly consists of cations of calcium, magnesium and potassium. As the plants get the nutrient they require without spending energy, this energy saved is utilized for growth .So they grow faster. It has become quite popular due to this reason.
There are many marijuana hydroponic systems. Some of the most important ones are Wick system, Ebb and Flow system, Drip system, Nutrient film Technique (NFT) , Water Culture, Aeroponics. Ebb and Flow and Wick are marijuana hydroponic systems that are quite popular as they are simple. In the Ebb and Flow method, plants are planted in a tray and then the tray is filled with a nutrient solution from time to time. In the aeroponics system, the roots of the plants remain suspended in the air. As  a result they get sufficient quantity of air. Water culture system uses a large and deep container like a bucket and it is filled with nutrient solution . The roots of the plants are then submerged in this solution.
To grow marijuana in a hydroponic system you must keep certain things in your mind. Firstly the plants must receive adequate amount of light. During the developing phase, marijuana plants require a certain amount of light every day. For example when it is developing its root system, it requires  16 to 18 hours of light. During its flowering phase, it usually require 12 hours of light. Make sure that there is a constant supply of electricity. Use fluorescent lights as they are considered to be the best.
To grow marijuana successfully you should provide the plants with a well aired environment. The plants also need an ideal temperature. The ideal temperature should be cool and must be above 60 degree F. To maintain the ideal temperature use an exhaust fan in the room where you are growing marijuana. Basement is a very good area to grow marijuana.
If you are a beginner then it is better to use Indica seeds as they grow easily. However they are not very potent and may not meet your objectives. As you gain experience you can use use hybrids of Indica and Sativa.
To grow marijuana in a hydroponic system, you would need to remember that these plants need your constant monitoring and attention.

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  1. Hydroponic Systems is one of the most used ways of growing crops in today’s time. By using hydroponic system the crop tend to grow faster. At the same time quality is also good. The major thing is that Hydroponic system should be of good quality.

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