Convicts get extra time for Marijuana trafficking

A prisoner of the Camp Street Prisons was handed a 3-year jail sentence and was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 for having a quantity of marijuana in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.  He was accused of having 55 grams in his possession for trafficking purposes in Georgetown.

Ovid Joseph in his guilty plea told the court that he is at present serving a prison sentence and was sent to Grove, East Bank Demerara prison-assigned tasks when he found a bag which he diced to keep, not knowing its contents at the time.  When he returned to the prison, officers conducted a search and uncovered the marijuana he had in the bag.  He pleaded for mercy to the court that he had no idea that the bag contained the cannabis.

The courts showed no mercy as they sentenced Joseph to a tree year prison term on top of what he was already serving, plus they ordered he pay $10,000 fine.  When will enough be enough over marijuana?  Why does a man’s life have to be ruined over a non-violent, non-harmful substance such as marijuana?  Hopefully in the real near future law enforcement will not have to waste their time and people can enjoy life the way they want to.

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