1.8 Tons of Marijuana seized on the border

2800 pounds or 1.8 tons of marijuana was seized about 3miles away from the border by Tucson, Arizona.  2000 pounds is equal to 1 ton just incase anyone wanted to know the measurements.  The Forward Operation Base in the early hours of the morning spotted about 12 individuals on horseback as the first incident to happen.  Individuals with the horses cut loose the bags from the horses and started to flea back towards Mexico.  Agents then recovered 32 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 770 pounds in total and valuing about $620,000.

Agents then go word in the morning of a second incident when a vehicle was spotted exiting Federal Route 1 into the desert.  When the agents go to the vehicle it was covered in a tarp protecting 2,080 pounds, which estimates to be about $1,665,000.

Patrol Agent in charge, Paul Kuhn, said, “These seizures demonstrate the variety of methods that criminal organizations use in their attempts to smuggle contraband into the United States.”  “Our agents did an outstanding job in stopping these drugs from making it to our communities.”

If they would just legalize the drug then we wouldn’t have to waste useless manpower and taxpayer’s money to fund these operations.  Instead border patrol can be used to keep out other things of more importance such as weapons or murderers.  And not only will they be able to focus on those things, but it will create an economy boost along with a decriminalization of the citizenry.

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