Alaska next to ban Spice

By now states left and right are banning the substance know as Spice.  It is the synthetic form of marijuana that is legal still in a lot of states.  It has been known to be dangerous and kill people, so a lot of states have been banning the substance.

State Sen. Kevin Meyer and Anchorage Assembly members are hoping to institute a bill that would ban the substance known as ‘Spice’, but for now its legal.  “It’s a lot more dangerous than marijuana,” Guttierez said.  Anyone can buy it practically because its out in the open right next to the energy drinks.

Meyer has introduced the bill that would criminalize the drug, an plant to introduce a resolution to the Assembly Oct. 26 that would ask local retailers to voluntarily remove it from their shelves until the Legislature has a chance to make it illegal.

A lot of Anchorage teens have been hospitalized due to the dangerous substance.  The number of cases of marijuana use is still higher than synthetic marijuana, but synthetic marijuana is way more dangerous as marijuana in its natural form has never killed one person.

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