Cannabis extract Helps Fight Prostate Cancer: Study

As per the recent study published in a leading British Journal of Cancer, chemicals present in Cannabis help in curbing the growth of Prostate Cancer cells. The study highlights the medical use of marijuana to fight the disease.

For long, the herb cannabis sativa has been used by human beings as a source of roughage, food, medicine, as well as for spiritual enlightenment. The scientists from the University of Alcala in Madrid tested a compound on mice and noticed a considerable fall in tumor growth.  The compound was first tested on human cancer cell lines.

Though the experts highlight the need to test the theory further to find out ways to apply these findings to treat cancer growth in humans.

The experts further report that the chemicals present in marijuana can stop the division and augmentation of prostate cancer cells. The research team was led by Diaz-Laviada.

Laviada and her team worked with two types of cannabinoids- methanandamide and JWH-015. The initial demonstrations indicated that chemicals present in marijuana prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

Some drug companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals are already exploring the possibility of using marijuana to cure cancer.

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