Ohio K-9 sniffs out hydroponics

Two men from Texas face felony drug charges after getting caught with 40 pounds of hydroponic marijuana in their vehicle.  A trooper was making a routine traffic stop in Williams County, Ohio, when they had their dog alert to the marijuana in the vehicle.

This is common for patrol officers when observing criminal indicators.  Their dog alerted handlers there were drugs in one of the two cars with Illinois registration.

Joseph Ascension Michel and Juan Zamarron were arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana long with possession of the drug.  Both are considered third-degree felonies.  They are both being held in the Corrections Center for Northwest Ohio.

If convicted Michel could face up to five years in prison and approximately $10,000 in fines.  If Zamarron is convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.  Either way you look at it the situation is stupid.  Its going to now cost taxpayers of Ohio to house these prisoners, feed them, etc…  This is a pure waste of money when they probably could use the same amount of money towards the educational system or something better.

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