Smoking pot is not a taboo anymore!

According to a Federal survey, many baby boomers enjoy taking a couple or more puffs and smoking pot is definitely not a serious taboo anymore. This is evident in the case of Joe Lee, a 62 year old dealer of vintage records from Rockville. As a student, he started smoking pot and continued to do so for four decades. He still continues to take a few puffs a day when he wants to relax and enjoy with friends and says it is just for fun and nothing else.

There are many other baby boomers close to their retirement who are marijuana users. According to the survey, there is a 4.9% increase of marijuana users in their fifties between 2002 and 2007.

Researchers say that a few users like Lee have stuck on to their pot and others who had given it up for other priorities such as building careers and bringing up children came back to drugs decades later.

The survey was conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration. According to the head of this office, Peter Delany, a major cause of concern is the health impact on the public. He also opined that marijuana could inadvertently interact with prescription drugs, especially in older users and it is important for doctors to ask them about drug abuse apart from alcohol.

Following reviews and debates on the pros and cons of making marijuana legal and taxable, medical marijuana is sold by dispensaries that are licensed. Marijuana without doubt is steadily making its way into the mainstream. Even older people consider marijuana as just another recreational drug like alcohol.

Drug counselors and police across the country who strive hard to steer addicts clear from using illicit substances, are however apprehensive on the softening stand on marijuana.

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