AZ is the 15th Medical Marijuana State

The approval came as a surprise to most people because at one point during Election Day the medical marijuana measure trailed about 7,200 votes.  The ballot measure won by just 4,341 votes out of more than 1.67 million ballots counted, which was announced on Saturday.

The decision makes Arizona the 15th state in the union to approve medical marijuana.  The measure allows patients with diseases including cancer, AIDS, hepatitis C, and others to either meet guidelines to grow their own plants or to buy two and a half ounces of marijuana every two weeks.  The patients must obtain a recommendation from their doctor and register with the Arizona Department of Health Services.  The law also allows for no more than 124 marijuana dispensaries in the state.

All law enforcement including sheriffs and county prosecutors opposed the ballot, but the citizens prevailed winning the ballot in which the MPP backed.  When people want something they can get it by coming out in numbers and voting yes to what they want.  This law will now help patients get the medicine they want and deserve.

Andrew Myers, manager for the Arizona MPP, said, “We really believe that we have an opportunity to set an example to the rest of the country on what a good medical marijuana program looks like.”

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