Latest cannabis research: a comprehensive outlook

Despite of having so many debates on the issue of legality of medical cannabis, this drug is making importance in the medical field. The latest research of cannabis proves the use of this plant in the field of medical science.  The latest research by national library of medicine proves that maximum states are allowing the use of this drug in medical fields. There are many specific diseases which are only treated with cannabis drug. Therefore, many states have made it legal to use the cannabis drug in the medical field. This research shows the importance of cannabis as a drug. In the clinical research, the therapeutic value of cannabis has been published in many news papers. These all researches concentrate to find out the use of the marijuana in the world of medical science. These researches explore the feature and property of fighting with disease of this drug.

This research also shows the anti cancer importance of the cannabis drug plant. This cannabis reduces spread of cancer cells in the human body.  Another finding of this report is that the cannabis has more safety record as compared to other drugs. It means it is not a harmful drug at all. This research also emphasizes that this is not purely a medicine. But there is not any proof of its causing any harm to the users.  If anyone wants to know that where the cannabis drugs can be used here is the list- dystonia, chronic pain, hypertension, hepatitis c, gilomas, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and many others. These all are the name of diseases which can be cured with the help of cannabis. This latest research shows that use of medical cannabis is very essential to cure people from these severe diseases. However, every person should have the authority to get the cannabis. Governments of many territories have prohibited the general use of this drug. Only authorized doctors can use this drug or people which has recommendation of authorized doctor.

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