CNBC will cover Marijuana Conference in NY

October 25th and 26th in New York City will be home to the next Marijuana Conference.  DealFlow Media will be hosting the first professional event in NYC, which addresses the business and investment opportunities in growing, distribution, and sale of medical marijuana.

The U.S. market is between $35 billon to $45 billion, with some estimates as high as $120 billion for the marijuana industry.  CNBC and other media outlets will be at the event covering it for upcoming documentaries about the industry.  CNBC Anchor Trish Regan has been known for the Emmy nominated CNBC documentary “Marijuana Inc: Inside America’s Pot Industry” and its sequel, “Marijuana USA,” which will be premiering on December 8, 2010.  She has been been added to the agenda as the moderator for the panel discussion “Entrepreneurial Vision: The Business of Marijuana.”

“Marijuana is the most profitable drug in the world.  Given the vast amounts of money at stake, its no wonder marijuana trade is becoming a remarkably sophisticated industry.  In my reporting on this subject, I’ve been amazed at the traction marijuana has gained in the last two years.  It’s clear that this recent marijuana boom is just the beginning,” said Trish Regan.

The Marijuana Conference will be held at The Hilton New York on October 25th and 26th and will have others from universities to health center discussing the entire industry of marijuana.

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