Medical Marijuana for ADHD: Points to Consider

Out of the many medical marijuana uses one of them is to use it for the treatment of ADHD. Ritalin is one such stimulant and prescribed drug by the physicians which is used to treat ADHD. However, Ritalin has some side effects like undersized growth, depression, insomnia and facial twitches. However, marijuana proves far better than Ritalin.

Due to this positive point of marijuana, doctors are very much enthusiastic about taking the help of medical marijuana. Nevertheless, marijuana works wonder when used for medical purposes. But still it is not legalized universally. Therefore, not all doctors can prescribe it which makes it possible to be used where it is permitted.

Some doctors in the US are against the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Some of them have an ideology of using medical marijuana only under ‘exceptional circumstances’. Now these ‘exceptional circumstances’ mean using marijuana for high risk diseases like cancer or AIDS for adolescents. But the good thing for the marijuana advocates is that, there is a very small section of the society who thinks it this way.

That is pure ideology, because many physicians themselves are supporters of marijuana for the treatment of ADHD. Now the reason for that is, that ADHD brings along with it troubles like anxiety and anger. And as many know, marijuana works best against these two. It helps in alleviating the symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have come with figures saying that there are 4.5 million children suffering from ADHD in the US alone.

There is a batch of some psychiatrists who go to the point of adoring marijuana. They term it as a ‘godsend’ for people suffering with ADHD. One of them is Dr. Edward M. Hallowell. Mr. Hallowell has written a number of books about dealing with ADHD and marijuana.

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