Hemp production in Wisconsin

We all know that hemp can be used for many things such as clothing, wood, ropes, and even houses.  Well one state is recognizing that and that is the state of Wisconsin.  After the state Assembly considered an industrial hemp bill this year, we have to ask what that means for the people of that state.

Well in short form it means jobs for everyone.  This means jobs for scientists and farmers, along with clothing stores and manufacturing.  The jobs created by this industry will last not only decades, but centuries, especially with a down economy as we’re facing right now.  We can have a super food from hempseed sprouts, fine laces for work clothes, paper, and a cleaner more efficiently greener environment.

The only thing we need to get done is to have citizens of Wisconsin demand that Governor Jim Doyle finish the bill into law.  We all are facing hard times, we all know someone who has lost a job, so shouldn’t we help by making an industry thrive that has been for centuries?

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