Do you know these marijuana drug test facts?

Marijuana usage test is normally done by parents, employers and various other authorities to find out whether a person is using marijuana or not. Different types of tests are in vogue and these are – urine test, blood test, hair test, saliva test etc. Some of the marijuana drug test facts are as follows.

Testing using Body Fluids

Under this category comes – urine testing, saliva testing and blood testing – wherein the fluid from your body is used to test for Marijuana usage. The most expensive but accurate test from the above is blood tests.

Hair Drug Testing

Traces of drug metabolites get entrapped in the hair core. Drug testing of hair not only tells you about the drug usage but also gives information on the quantity and historic pattern of the drug use by the person as far as 90 days.

Marijuana drug test facts – False Indicators

Prescription antibiotics and pain pills can show usage of marijuana wrongly during testing. Hence it is advisable that the person undergoing drug test inform about the drugs being taken by him. Of course the drug being taken should be legal.

Duration and quantum of drugs taken

It is not possible to decide when a drug was taken using drug tests. Irrespective of whether the test is urine, saliva or blood it can only show whether the person has used a particular kind of drug or not. The length of drug usage can only be estimated broadly. Fluid tests cannot estimate either the time or quantity of drugs taken.

Marijuana drug test facts – Time period for Detection

It is possible to find out the existence of Marijuana if tested within certain periods. It depends on the quantity of marijuana used by the person concerned. If the person uses marijuana once the urine drug test will be able to find it out within 48 to 72 hours. If he is a habitual user it is possible to detect drug usage from urine up to a period of 12 weeks after usage of drugs.

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