Police stumble upon Marijuana grow house

In Franklin Park on Monday afternoon police arrested a Bell Acres man.  They chased him down with search dogs and the man led them to his rented house where he had a marijuana grow operation.

“We found a very sophisticated marijuana grow house,” Franklin Park Police Chief Don Dorsch.  The police chief went on to say that it’s the biggest operation that he has ever seen around there.  Police found more than 100 plants at the house Mr. Lindsey rented.

The suspect is Edward Lindsey, 33, of Fern Hollow Rd in Bell Acres, who was awaiting arraignment on Monday.   The charges were possession and possession with intent to deliver the controlled substance and manufacture of the drug marijuana.  The whole reason the officers were in the neighborhood in the first place along with SWAT was because a local resident had called 911 saying there were two prowlers in the heavily wooded area.

They found a clothes dryer in operation, seedlings on the first floor, and full-grown plants in the basement.  The SWAT agents used a K-9 unit to sniff out the scent of the marijuana grown operation.  Authorities have no clue whether or not the prowlers lurking are apart of the operation.

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