Medical Marijuana Industry in Michigan Continues to Boom Even During Recession

Today, we hear the world recession everywhere around the world. It is a word that resounds with its enormous implications. Recession is all about suffering economies and a hard struggle for everyone, no matter which strata of society they are from.

Understandably, during these trying times, the economy of Detroit seriously suffers just like every other state in America and like every other country around the world. But, surprisingly, there is one industry that continues to boom, not really affected by recession.

Medical marijuana was legalized last April in Michigan. After enactment of the law, according to a Med Grow Cannabis College statement, tens of millions of dollars were collectively generated by this crop in Detroit.

Nick Tennant, the founder and President of Med Grow says that a lot of people in Detroit are looking at marijuana crops as a lucrative career option due to the fact that safe usage of marijuana is supported by a huge majority of the Metro Detroit community.

Thousands have graduated from the Med Grow Cannabis College since its inception in September and are immensely benefited. There is a massive growth in demand for medical marijuana use under doctor supervision and advice and these graduates make use of this opportunity to do well in one of the most lucrative careers today.

Cannabis business offers plenty of opportunities for the unemployed in this state that has always been suffering from bad economy, according to Med Grow. The college prides itself on offering a great opportunity for the unemployed in Michigan.

Michigan’s rate of unemployment is over 15% and the college says that Cannabis is maybe the last true growth industry that offers a ray of hope for unemployed Detroit residents. This helpful plant could maybe save Detroit from economic disaster.

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