International Prop 19 Attention

We all know that Prop 19 was huge not only for the state of California, but for citizens throughout the rest of the country.  Prop 19 got so much attention these past couple of months that the international attention rose as well.

Latin America has been extensively in the front of the international attention.  Mexican President Calderon and Colombian President Santos criticized Prop 19, pointing to it as evidence to inconsistency in US drug policy.  Is that because they make black market deals with the marijuana?  Is it because they don’t want to do anything about the Mexican Cartels pushing the marijuana.  However, Prop 19 did get both presidents of the Latin world’s attention.   They both called for more open debate about the legalization and other alternatives to current drug policy.   Legalization is an alternative to current drug problems and prohibition in the United States.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said, “How great it would be for California to set this example.  May God let it pass.  The other U.S. states will have to follow step.”  And this is coming from a former president of the Mexico.  If he thinks that would have happened there was no reason to shoot the ballot down.  Everyone knows that marijuana is harmless and that we need to stop making criminals out of ordinary citizens.

This is a hot issue with baby boomers, but young people have voiced their opinion and this is something they are not only passionate about, but something they care about.  It is a constant increasing situation that matters to them.

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