All the info you need about niacin marijuana relationship

There are some reports which claim that niacin can clear marijuana from the system of a regular marijuana user. Though a lot of researches have been undertaken within the last few years but still the medical experts are without any clear conclusion. But from these researches some crucial points have come to fore which cannot be ignored at all.

If you smoke or take marijuana in negligible amounts and in an irregular manner than there is a good possibility of niacin clearing out the marijuana metabolites from your system. But if you’re a regular marijuana user or take marijuana in higher doses then niacin can’t help you out. Then some cases reported of late say that regular and high doses of niacin can cause serious kidney and liver problems.

Here we can take help of a case study. In a drug rehab centre, one guy regularly used niacin along with a multi-vitamin capsule with large stocks of water. He didn’t give up marijuana at all. Rather he regularly went for marijuana and mixed those sessions with niacin, water and the multivitamin capsule. To his roommates’ surprise, he succeeded to clear various forms of marijuana tests in the centre. Even a random test couldn’t detect him at all. That guy when came back to normal life was detected with damaged liver and kidney systems. He survived only for 5 years after coming out from the rehab. So, this is very much clear from the above case study that niacin in higher doses can cause serious health hazards.

Though the internet is full of all kinds of niacin derivatives to cheat a marijuana drug test; but in reality it may turn out to be a lethal action on your part. So, it’s better to skip niacin to cheat a marijuana test. But for occasional smokers it’s pretty much okay to use niacin to pass that important marijuana test.

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