Order shoes online and receive your marijuana too?

We have all done it ordered shoes online.  Can’t find the ones at your local sneaker store in the mall.  Can’t find the sneakers you want for the price you should be getting.  Well were do most people go when they want good prices and sneakers they want.  They usually go online and purchase them.

Now I know marijuana isn’t legal yet so if you want it you have to buy usually in cash outside somewhere; unless you’re one of the fortunate to know a friend of a friend of a friend.  Well not for Betty James.

She ordered one of her kids a pair of sneakers right of the Finish Line Inc.’s website and was surprised to what she would find when the package arrived.  She opened the box when she received it Tuesday and found what looked to be a cigar leaf with marijuana rolled in it.  Her immediate reaction to the package was, “What?!”

The sneakers were shipped from a store in Omaha.  She notified the police department and has contacted the company, but hasn’t heard back from Finish Line management yet.  The police took the box and the marijuana into custody as evidence and reported that the substance tested positive for marijuana.  The police let James keep the sneakers for her children.

The police should have let her keep the blunt to.  After all she received a free gift just like women at Victoria Secrets or Sephora.  How cool was that gift?

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