Man accused of teaching nephew how to smoke Pot

A Rosemount man has been accused of teaching his teenage nephew how to smoke marijuana, then putting it on YouTube.  Authorities say an uncle of a 15-year old nephew has taught him how to smoke pot then post it on YouTube.  The Rosemount man posted four videos on YouTube on how to smoke marijuana and roll blunts.  The videos have been removed from the website.

Khari Tillman, 32 was charged this week with four gross misdemeanors.  He will be summoned to appear in Dakota County District Court.  Tillman became his nephew’s guardian about six months ago after Tillman’s sister died.  Child-protection services have been notified and made police aware as soon as they found out.

In a video titled “free class,” posted Jan. 12, Tillman allegedly is shown teaching his nephew how to make a blunt, which is a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana, the complaint said.  The two then smoke the marijuana blunt and appear to be under the influence of the drug.

The videos were recorded in a residential kitchen and then Tillman was approached for an interview by child-protected services.  The authorities noticed the kitchen from the video when they came to Tillman’s home to conduct the interview.

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