Man arrested for Marijuana Possession in Iowa

In Iowa City, Iowa an Illinois man was arrested after the police found him with a substantial large quantity of marijuana on him.  According to authorities, Brett Ian Fox, 18, of Highland Park, Ill was stopped for a traffic violation around 7 p.m. at night on Wednesday.  It happened at the intersection of Church and Dodge streets in Iowa City, the police stopped the vehicle and the K-9 alerted officers toe the presence of marijuana in the vehicle.

After searching the car police found six pounds of marijuana and they were able to get a confession from Fox who said he was delivering the marijuana to two different people in Iowa City.  Fox was taken to the Johnson County Jail and charged with two controlled substance violations, one of them being an intent to deliver, and a tax stamp violation.

As I see it another victim caught up in the drug war that shouldn’t be.  Imagine if he had a legit business like alcohol that allowed him to deliver, he would have just got a ticket and been on his marry way not hurting no one.  That’s why legalizing is so important.  I feel bad for Fox.

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