Mexican Cartels are fine with Legal Marijuana

California’s vote for proposition 19 is coming up in November, which would legalize possession and sale of small amounts of marijuana.  Free enterprise advocates say the Mexican drug cartels would barely notice if the marijuana was legal.  The Rand Corp has studied the issue closely and said that Prop 19 would erase no more than 2% to 4% of the revenues that the big Mexican Cartels generate.  They say it’s because they would still have the rest of the country to sell their convenient brown brick of weed.

Well as that made be true, California should legalize marijuana just on a pure example to the rest of the country that legalizing would benefit many and can generate large amounts of income for government revenue.  Once the rest of the country sees California benefiting from the legalization of marijuana then they will follow suit just like medical marijuana did when it was first introduced.  After the country becomes legalized fully then you will see the cartels disappear because they will have no more black market.  At that point they will have to join the free enterprise system and become legit business owners of marijuana in our society.

So they say cartels one notice and they may be right because these dudes don’t even know there’s a Fedex store in Humboldt County so how are they going to notice marijuana shops.  Either way the state needs a yes on Prop 19.

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