Tacoma will keep Marijuana dispensaries open

Eight dispensaries in Tacoma had a showdown with the city of Tacoma Tuesday after both sides called for new state Legislature to come up with a clearer plain on how medical-marijuana patients can legally access the drug if they don’t grow it themselves.

Rob McNair-Huff said, “The City Council is not in favor of getting between patients who have a legitimate medical need and access to that medicine.”  The city’s business licensing office threatened last week to put the dispensaries out of business if they continued to provide medical marijuana to more than one patient.  There are a lot of complaints and investigations coming against five of the Tacoma dispensaries of the odor coming from them.

Emiel Kandi said, “I run a legal business.”  His dispensary is one of the five that has been threatened by the city to be shutdown.  Law enforcement and patient advocates both want clear-cut rules, even if they don’t agree on what those rules should be or who should oversee them.  Either way both parties need to come to a compromise so that patients can get the medicine they want and need.

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