Marijuana Growers are now joining the Union

A local Teamsters Union, number 70, inside of Oakland California, has 40 nearly new members this month.  Marjyn Investments LLC, a medical marijuana company, has its workers interested. The workers are contracted to grow cannabis for the medical marijuana patients.

The workers for this company know how to do skill that consist of gardening all the way up to cloning the plants themselves.  They are the first union in our nation’s history to be a unionized marijuana company.

Lou Marchetti is the man responsible for setting up the union and negotiated a 2 year contract for them, even though it remains a federal crime.  “They’re workers.  They need a job.  They want healthcare and a pension, and we got it for them,” said Marchetti.

This is a super fast growing industry especially in California where proposition 19 could legalize this drug for good.  Don’t think Marchetti is biased because he also represents the liquor company; who’s main goal is to make liquor.

Personally this could be great if the union doesn’t become corrupt and start skimming like other such unions in the country.  If the actually fight for these workers than it could be a start to a beautiful business.

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