Federal Judge denies pot charge

A Federal District Court Judge declined to dismiss the first effort against a Highlands Ranch medical-marijuana grower, Chris Bartkowicz, who argued medical marijuana is fundamentally different from the federal law prohibiting regular cannabis.

The motion was the first one heard on what will be a critical day in federal case agains Mr. Bartkowicz.  He was arrested and charged with federal drug cultivation crimes after giving an interview to the 9News team back in February.  He could face life in prison.

Life in prison for helping patients is ridiculous.  Can’t we focus our legislating process on real criminals?  In all efforts his lawyer, Joseph Saint-Veltri, has filed a motion to dismiss the cass altogether.  He is arguing that the federal law shouldn’t trump over the Colorado Constitution amendment authorizing the medical marijuana throughout the state. We all know that the federal government says marijuana has no medical benefit what so ever, but how can someone get life for something so non-violent.

Chris does have some support; about 20 activists held up protest signs outside the federal courthouse.  The signs said “No prison for pot” and “Stop arresting medical marijuana patients.”  I suggest everyone helps each other out so that a man like this doesn’t have to serve life in prison with other criminals and he can get back to helping people in need.

The federal government is getting Chris on two prior marijuana convictions, saying that he was growing more than the state allows, and for operating within 1,000 feet of a school.

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