Arnold strikes Marijuana Initiative

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger not only has said he wants to create jobs and bring California’s economy back from this so called recession.  Jobs in the state are absolutely critical to California, where 1 in 7 jobs are actually trade related.  If California can legalize marijuana it can now engage in import and export of pot with Mexico the legal way if needed.

Arnold has now started blasting the largest union in California for supporting the bill on the November ballot to legalize marijuana.  He wrote an opinion article in the Los Angeles Times, calling it a flawed initiative that would make California a laughingstock, cause legal nightmares, and risk public safety.  He criticized the 700, 000 member union, which has said the plan could bring needed tax income.  Service Employees International Union is the largest in the state.

If Arnold wants to create jobs and boost California’s economy than legalization is the way to go.  It is no surprise that marijuana would bring in over $1 million in profits for the state every year with the proper regulation.  That’s because it would save on non-violent criminals going to prison; it would create jobs; and it would create a product that people want.

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