Lawmaker arrested in aide with Hemp

A member of the House of Representatives personal assistant was arrested with 10 sacks of marijuana suspected to be Indian hemp in Edo State.    The personal assistant said he took advantage of his boss’s power to engage in the illicit business.

Nurudeen Ibrahim, 37, works for Abdulazeez Abubakar, was arrested by authorites with sacks of hemp loaded in the booth of the lawmaker’s official Peugeot 407 car.  The personal assistant told police that this was the second time he was coming to buy hemp in Edo State, having earlier engaged in the illicit business during the last Muslim holiday.

Peter Ogboi, of Edo State Police, said, “those in authority need to open their eyes and monitor the activities of their aids, pointing out that the suspect ahs taken the advantage of his work with the lawmaker to engage in drug dealing.”

I’m glad to see someone in police uniform saying that we need to watch everyone even if that includes law enforcement.

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