Arkansas bans K2

Many states are going crazy banning the synthetic marijuana drug.  K2 or Spice is the synthetic version of marijuana, which is said to be more dangerous than marijuana itself.  Well Arkansas is the next state to have banned the substance.  The Arkansas State Board of Health has made permanent its ban on the sale of synthetic marijuana products, including K2.

Medical experts say the use of this substance, alone or in combination with other substances, may cause a rapid heart rate, dangerously high blood pressure and sometimes hallucinations or paranoia.  The drug sounds like a bad prescription medication that doctors will give you to treat something wrong with you.  Why not just use marijuana in its pure form, which has never killed one person.  There are side effects to every drug, but I’d rather use a drug that is safe and known for being safe.

The health board made the pan permanent so the legislature would have time to take up the issue and write a law that covers punishment and other matters.  The rule may have to be revoked or changed to be in compliance with what the legislature decides in the next General Assembly that starts in January.

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