Marijuana saliva test: A Comprehensive outlook

In a drug test an analysis is done on biological specimen like urine, blood, sweat, hair etc. Marijuana saliva test can detect the presence of marijuana which is mostly prohibited by laws. Oral fluid better known as saliva can be tested to detect the use of marijuana if it has been used in the last few days. This kind of tests is becoming popular fro detecting marijuana because these tests are very convenient and also because that these tests cannot be tampered or adulterated. It is most effective method for screening users of marijuana and they implement random testing for marijuana. If one thought that only urine testing was accurate for marijuana then one should know that saliva testing is very accurate as well.

Comparison of saliva and urine test

Marijuana saliva test is generally performed by an employer for post-accident purposes, at random, pre-employment etc. there are many advantages and disadvantages of saliva testing for marijuana as compared to urine testing. The saliva testing is very popular as it is very simple when it comes to collection of samples as there are fewer chances that any one can tamper the tests. This is less invasive because of the easy procedures contrary to other testing methods. Swab is what is mainly required from the saliva of a person and another very big advantage is that the testing process does not take very long and mostly gives instant results.

Saliva test very reliable

Marijuana saliva test has been proved to be a very reliable method of drug testing by many studies. By analyzing the saliva one can determine the use of marijuana and the amount of marijuana taken in. many companies prefer to use the saliva testing method to check is their employees are marijuana users or avoid marijuana. Though there is time limit as the drug does not remain in the saliva fro longĀ  but to detect recent use of marijuana these test suits the best especially in cases of accidents.

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