Detroit voting in November

The people of Detroit will likely get to vote this November on a municipal measure to prohibit the criminal prosecution of adults who possess minor amounts of marijuana.  Over 6,100 signatures have been collected for the Coalition for a Safer Detroit.  The total is twice the number required by the law to place the law on the ballot.

The City Council has 30 days or place the proposal on the ballot for voters this fall, which should certify the petition early next week.  If enacted into law the Detroit City Code would remove criminal penalties for any adult that uses or possess less than one ounce of marijuana on private property by anyone 21 years or older.

Matt Abel, NORML Legal Committee member and Coalition co-coordinator, said, “Our feeling is, how do we put an end to the drug war?  This would be a step.”

A lot of states are starting to move forward with their own laws to decriminalize or reduce the charges of non-violent marijuana users.

I say, “You have a right to fight to smoke marijuana”

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