MD Ponders Medical Marijuana Law

In Annapolis, MD Sen. David Brinkley said that if re-elected he plans to introduce a bill that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.  A similar bill passed the Senate during the last session, but the House version failed.  The bill would license producers, distributors, and users.  They want to provide an alternative to buying marijuana on the black market.

Del. Dan Morhaim, who co-sponsored the House bill last year said that current legislation already acknowledges that some people use marijuana for medicinal purposes.  The Baltimore County Democrat said by keeping that law in place puts everyone who uses marijuana for medical purposes at risk of being a criminal.

People shouldn’t be criminals for using a medicine that they need.  If that was the case then everyone who uses prescription drugs should be a criminal because the side effects are much worse than marijuana.  Hopefully MD jumps on board as another state to support legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  This is another reason to legalize marijuana with Prop 19.  More states will follow once they see that it does work and the money will help the economy.

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