Landlord sued over Marijuana Plants

A man by the name of Gary Hite said he has a break-in due to his landlord’s failure to secure the building after an earlier burglary had happened.  Hite said about $35,000 in marijuana crops were stolen from his home.  Hite’s landlord is being sued for negligence and breach of contract.

Back in May a neighbor’s unit was broken into leaving the door damaged and unlocked.  The landlord, Krista Hundley, supposedly checked the damage, but did nothing further to fix it.

Burglars entered the damaged unit on June 7th and then smashed through Hite’s drywall and then ran off with 35 mature plants; each worth about $1,000.  Murrieta police said Hite’s operation was illegal and that Hite had been fined thousands of dollars in various safety violations.  Hite has been renting  his unit since February and was growing marijuana for medicinal purposes only.

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