Marijuana News: Latest Studies and Research

Since day one, marijuana has been an aid of the human race. Marijuana has proved to be man’s friends on more than one occasion. Therefore, to check what does marijuana hold more than what we know, marijuana testing is always underway.  There have been constant studies and researches in the cannabis world and newer conclusions are coming forward.

Some of the latest marijuana news shows that it is more harmful that we thought it to be. This is quite shocking evidence. But what is the reality behind the curtains? Let us explore the facts.

In the United States, the use of marijuana is still not fully legal, though 14 states support it. Now, there is an ongoing political debate about the legality of medicinal marijuana and its clinical investigations. When the use of marijuana was on the verge of being legalized in the state of California there were only around 260 scientifically written articles.

Lets go back to the year 1996. Now, 14 years ahead, there are some thousand articles based on scientific proofs written on marijuana testing. Among the latest marijuana news, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre claims to have found out that, there are actually more fatal side effects that cannabis can hand an individual.

This study and the corresponding results were published in the published in Neurobiology of Disease. This study specifically pointed out the use of marijuana by the teenagers. According to the study, the consumption of marijuana in such an early and tender can have long lasting and damaging effects on the brain. Anxiety and depression come hand in hand to take a toll on you.

The study claims that marijuana is no less than a drug – an illicit drug, in fact. The serotonin transmission is lessened and thereby the disorders of the mood are likely to increase.

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