Oregon gets defeated over Marijuana

Measure 74 got defeated 42% to 57% along with many other states that had marijuana on their ballots.  While this was not an outcome advocate of marijuana reform wanted in Oregon, there has been real progress made over these past few months.

Former Mayor and Police Chief of Portland said, “Whether we experience an electoral victory or defeat, the campaign was a winner.  Measure 74 garnered several huge victories for the cannabis reform movement.  We were endorsed by the Democratic Party of Oregon for the first time as well as a retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice.”

Oregon has two potential reform possibilities despite yesterday’s voting.  The first is Oregon Representative Buckley has stated he may put a legalization concept to the legislature this January.  Also Paul Stanford has started collecting signatures for Oregon’ Cannabis Tax Act for 2012.

Oregon makes me happy as they are continuing the fight for marijuana legalization.  The mainstream media and government might have won yesterday’s battle, but will they win the war on marijuana?

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