Prop 19 backers start new Marijuana Plan

Supporters of legalizing marijuana in California spent the day after their electoral defeat laying the groundwork to rebound in two years with a new ballot.

Dale Sky Jones, a spokeswoman for Prop 19 campaign, said, “We have a debate that was just heard around the world.  We see definite opportunities to break off bits and pieces of Prop 19, such as authorizing the commercial cultivation of hemp, the non-psychoactive variety of marijuana.”

A lot of voters didn’t buy the argument that marijuana should be legalized like alcohol, but they are sure quick to tax marijuana like it’s alcohol.  Voters in 10 different cities overwhelmingly voted to tax the sales of medical and recreational marijuana.  A good thing did happen though by the rejection of Prop 19 and that is awareness.  More people are looking at marijuana now differently and I believe more people will vote Yes come 2012 not only statewide, but nationwide.

Prop 19 found its strongest support in the Bay area, along with a lot of counties on the state’s eastern border.  Los Angeles County, which is home to a quarter of the state’s voters, tilted 53% to 47% against the initiative however.  It’s time as a supporter and activist to get out there in LA and educate people so when 2012 comes around they will vote yes because they will see the true potential of marijuana.  2012 is the new plan for marijuana, where it becomes not only a statewide issue, but also a national issue.  Legalize!!!

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