Drug in the law

marijuana in CanadaDespite the joint efforts of different countries in the fight against drugs in each country – its peculiarities. Somewhere immediately executed even for the smell of marijuana, and somewhere a blind eye to the so-called soft drugs. Ten years ago, Canada became the first country in the world where the law allowed smoking marijuana for medical purposes. But to this day, this step gives rise to serious controversy in society. The more so because, despite this easing, Canada was not spared the problem of illegal cultivation, production, marketing and use of drugs.

Party of marijuana and government plantations

Party of marijuana - it’s official political movement in his time to participate even in parliamentary elections. Actually, this party was created in order to achieve the legalization of cannabis. Today, the country’s 5,000 people have the right to legally use marijuana for medical purposes, and slightly more than 3,5 thousand people have a license (!) For the cultivation of marijuana and manufacture of various products based on it. There are also so-called government plantation. They are located in the steppes of Saskatchewan and an abandoned salt mine in Manitoba, where a specially held heating and lighting. Spent on all of these plantations was seven and a half million Canadian dollars, the production is controlled by the Ministry of Health, and sold ready to use “government” drugs in pharmacies by almost $ 5 per gram.

And to improve appetite

For smoking medical marijuana in Canada should be a written report physician and two specialists that the patient is seriously ill, and special permission of government. Among the consumers – patients with cancer, AIDS, people suffering from epilepsy, some muscle and bone diseases, chronic pain and fatigue, as well as … poor appetite. owever, the leadership of the Medical Association of Canada was against the adoption of this law. Doctors say: there is not sufficient research that would draw conclusions about the dosage and frequency of marijuana use by those or other illnesses.

If the snow has melted from the neighbors – call the police

Marijuana use without medical indications, illegal manufacture and distribution remain criminal offenses in Canada. Nevertheless, according to intelligence agencies, annually in this northern country is grown about 800 tons of drugs. This is despite the fact that hemp in Canada is not the climate! But found out: 85 percent of the illegal cannabis grow house. For the plants need warmth, not less than twelve powerful lamps. You can imagine how breathtaking heating bills and electricity come to this house! The accounts of  marijuana growers and calculated. In addition, police calls conscious citizens: If the snow and the long Canadian winter, you see that someone of your neighbors on the roof suddenly melted snow Рcall the police. Most likely, the home grown cannabis. However, someone to grow it at home legally. For example, one woman, a former policeman, has a license to manufacture medical marijuana and supply of 45 users.

Punishment – funny

In a group of Canadian police grow-busters – Specialists in the fight against drugs produced on the basis of cannabis. Not so long ago I watched one of the television report about the work of this group in Vancouver. They broke into a house where cannabis was grown, confiscated equipment, and destroyed the plants.
But it is reported that manufacturers are unlikely to be in court. The inspector, who participated in the operation, said on his site had received 32 action: two producers have gone to prison, another five have paid $ 100 fine. And so the police do not have as their goal to end the problem itself. Hit the pockets of producers – their main goal. For three years only, this group grow-busters conducted more than 1500 operations. And mostly, thanks to anonymous calls, or signals from the electric company, paying attention to the excessively high electricity consumption.

At the same time police believe that the limited penalties – this is the same that allow the dealer to continue to quietly do his thing. In Vancouver, just a stone’s throw from downtown, is a quarter where the cafe owners permit visitors to smoke weed on the bookshelves are publishing a detailed technology Planted hemp, and the windows are exposed seeds. And, judging by the TV coverage, besieged by customers in the store not: for some half an hour they outfit a few thousand dollars.

So, one might say, planting marijuana in British Columbia alone has acquired an almost industrial scale. In the town of Nelson, marijuana, according to local journalist Drew Edwards, became a “way of life, social motivation.” A former mayor of the town of Grand Forks, Brian Taylor, is convinced that 20 percent of all money in circulation smaller settlements of British Columbia, are the proceeds of marijuana.

Not so long ago in the forests of British Columbia, police found a marijuana plantation, which is guarded by about fifteen bears. Animals were fed plantation owners – a married couple, which is constantly supplied with food animals. This story is very struck by the Canadians.

Although they are no longer surprised that the illegal among Canadian producers, keepers, traffickers, dealers and is the son of a famous hockey player Guy Lyaflera, and former Inspector General of Police, and the septuagenarian retirees, and former Olympic champion in weightlifting, Jean Laverty, and employee of the customs, and actor Tony Conte.

P.S. Use energy-saving technologies for growing  and beware.

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