How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana License?

Marijuana has great medical properties when it comes to treating several chronic ailments such as arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, migraine headaches, seizures, severe nausea and most importantly AIDS.

Till date 14 states in United States have passed various laws that legalize the use of marijuana for medical purpose. These are Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Each state has its own set of legislations and requires registration of the patients intending to use marijuana for medical use.

The process of getting a medical marijuana license in these states requires several procedures to ensure that the licenses are distributed fairly with justified reasons. The licence is valid for one year and thereafter needs to be renewed every year till the time one require marijuana for their treatment. Here are given easy steps to procure a medical marijuana licence:

*         The initial step to obtain the licence is to have conversation with the doctor on whether marijuana is required for the treatment.

•         The second step is to obtain written confirmation from the doctor that marijuana is necessary for the treatment. The same should be supported with medical records stating your condition and that medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment. The doctor needs to be authorized by the patient to release his/her medical information to the county’s medical marijuana program.

•          The next step involves submitting an application to the county medical marijuana program at the county department of health during their working hours. The application is available online and can be downloaded. Complete and sign the application, with a photographs pasted on it, and pay an application fee. One must have a photo ID with them when applying.

•         The application once received goes through a thorough process of investigations and can be either denied or accepted. One has the option of appealing again if it is denied, however if accepted medical marijuana license is issued to the applicant. One can now use the license to obtain marijuana from approved dispensaries in the given county.

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