Should Marijuana Be Legalized to Stop the Drugs War?

During the Drugs war being carried in Mexico, people from the both Mexico and USA have seen a number of crimes being significantly escalated. According to the above event many people have been militating to legalize the marijuana. They are more than convinced that with the measure the drugs war will reach an end. With marijuana being legalized, regulated and taxed, the power of the drugs cartels would diminish as a lot of cash would be cut out of their profits. Objectively, while the drug cartels have possess the largest volumes of drugs which are more dangerous, their profits is to increase despite the fact of significant harm to be spread around. It is a true fact, that being a border town police chief who was not “bought” by the drug cartels, he was expected his life to be in serious danger.

Most people would agree on the fact that the government’s solution to declare the war to the drug organizations is the vain action. There are always the ones to be in control of the huge amounts of money while benefiting from the illegal drug trade. The fact could be ignored by those are not related to the marijuana use as it would mean nothing to them. However, at the overall picture the crime level is high enough to be a real concern. In the final analysis, despite the fact of marijuana legalization, the wide range of more powerful drugs exist. It creates the problem of generating not only health issues, but also high possibility of leading to death, while some get significant benefits from the drug trade. Therefore, the fact of legalizing marijuana is not considered as the end of the Drugs Wars that is carried on with a futile persistency on behalf of the USA government.

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