NJ official says rules are not hostile

The New Jersey official behind proposed medical marijuana regulations says she is not trying making the rules ‘hostile’ and restricting access to patients.  Well she is just doing the opposite of what she says considering.  Patients have to have seen a doctor for at least a year who will write that all other medication has not worked in order to get their card to obtain the marijuana.  Also growers and dispensaries will have to have strict access and background checks, plus they may deny you for whatever reason.

Health department Deputy Commissioner Susan Walsh answered advocates’ questions today about the rules.  People are saying they are the strictest out of the 14 states that have medical marijuana legalized.  Lawyer Anne Davis said some advocates believe Gov. Chris Christie wants the program to fail.

Prospective patients, growers, and sellers say they’re so strict with these rules that some patients will have to and probably will continue to get their marijuana from the black market.  I personally agree that Christie and others want to say the program failed, but it looks like it won’t even be able to get off the ground if the Gov. and other officials make it impossible for patients to access the medicine they need.

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