Marijuana Growing Systems

Marijuana Growing Systems

Marijuana Growing Systems

Marijuana growing systems. Marijuana or cannabis is a psychoactive drug. It is derived from the cannabis plants. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world and its cultivation is quite popular. There are many countries that cultivate marijuana and Afghanistan and certain Latin American countries specially are famous for marijuana cultivation. Many people also grow marijuana at home. Cultivation of marijuana has turned out to be a rather lucrative business. There are many ways to grow marijuana. Marijuana can be grown indoors, outdoors and also hydroponically. There are many marijuana growing systems available in the market. Such systems are also available online.

Indoor growing of marijuana is quite popular. It is because it gives the cultivator a greater control over the the environment and also protects the plants from the various natural conditions like rain and frost. There are many marijuana growing systems which will help you to grow marijuana indoors. The earliest kind of turn key marijuana growing system is the photo tron system. It was very popular during the 90′s and could grow one marijuana plant. These systems have evolved over the years. They have become quite sophisticated these days.
Hydroponic marijuana has become quite popular and for engaging in effective hydroponic marijuana growth many marijuana growing systems are available. Some important systems are the Wick System , Ebb and Flow system, Aeroponics system, Water Culture  system, Drip system, Nutrient Film Technique  and many more. Ebb and Flow system is quite popular. The Wick system is simple. Aeroponics marijuana system produce very potent plants. Choose your system according to your needs. You can also make hydroponics marijuana growing systems at home. However do give a thought to your local laws and in case they do not permit the growing of marijuana it is advisable to avoid engaging in the same.
For hydroponic marijuana growth, remember that you need to provide the plants with sufficient nutrients. As the plants are not planted in soil so you should make special arrangements to provide the nutrients. Your hydroponic marijuana garden will demand your constant attention and monitoring.
For hydroponic marijuana growth, you should provide ample amount of light to the plants. When the marijuana plants are developing their root system they need 16 to 18 hours of light. When the root system develops extensively, then the plants require 18 to 24 hours of light. The flowering stage lasts for 8 to 12 weeks and during this stage, they require less amount of light. They usually require 12 hours of light during this stage.
For growing hydroponic marijuana ,it is important to remember certain things. Marijuana grows best under well aired conditions. So make sure the room where you are growing marijuana is well ventilated . If you are growing aeroponics marijuana then it should not be a problem. Water should be easily accessible. Make sure that there is a constant supply of electricity. Marijuana plants also need an ideal temperature to grow. The area where you are growing hydroponics marijuana must be cool with a temperature above 60 degree F.
Though marijuana seeds are available in many varieties for beginners it is better if you use Indica seeds .This variety is easy to grow and produce a large amount of leaves. As you gain experience you can use hybrids of Indica and Sativa.

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