Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Marijuana Seeds  In some parts of the world growing of marijuana is considered legal, in case the same is done for medical use and quite obviously some people strive to find out the best marijuana seeds. While marijuana is best known as a recreational drug it has been claimed that it has considerable medical value and is utilized in the treatment of diseases like lung cancer,breast cancer,arthritis and the like. Hence there is a great demand for marijuana in the world. For better cultivation one thus needs the knowledge about the best marijuana seeds.

Marijuana is cultivated in many countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan along with countries India, Colombia ,Mexico  Paraguay, In Mexico  marijuana is a very important cash crop produced and generates a great amount of revenue. The United States and Canada are also catching up as there even it is widely illegal to do so in most of their provinces. The increasing demand is also cause for an alarm for governments as it strives to stop the spread of the addictive.

Limited cultivation of marijuana for medical needs though is allowed in some states. Marijuana seeds mainly are of three types-Indica,Sativa and Ruderalis.  Hybrids of these  are also available. The Indica variety germinates to form shorter and thicker marijuana plants. The leaves of these plants are dark green in color. In is mainly produced in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan .Sativa marijuana seeds grow in to plants that are taller and slimmer than the Indica variety leaves are also lighter in color. This variety is produced by Latin American countries. Sativa variety is considered to be better than Indica.

It is interesting to note that Ruderalis is produced in wilder parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. Marijuana seeds are also divide into male and female seeds. Marijuana seeds are also divided into male and female seeds. Female marijuana seeds are considered to be more intoxicating and hence are more popular. .Female marijuana seeds are considered to be more intoxicating and hence are more popular. They are also more expensive .Some other popular seed strains are single strain,regular strain,auto flowering,Kush strains,purple strains etc. High quality marijuana seeds are in great demand and are quite costly.

For cultivation , marijuana seeds are first germinated. They need a warm and moist environment for germination. The usual process is to soak the seeds in a cup of warm water for 24 hours. These seeds need 12 hours to 8 days for germination. Loamy soil is the ideal soil for cultivation of marijuana. It is also important to water the plants regularly. Marijuana seeds can grow into plants in both indoor and outdoor environment. For outdoors natural light is used, while artificial light is used for indoor cultivation. However if you want to save the seeds from the vagaries of nature like frost,the indoor cultivation is the best option.

The best marijuana seeds market in the world is in Amsterdam. Marijuana is quite popular among the dutch. The drug policy of the Dutch government is quite liberal. So people flock to Amsterdam markets to buy marijuana seeds. A great variety is available in these markets.

Canada has also emerged as an important market for marijuana seeds. Marijuana is very popular in Canada. In fact according to the United Nations Canada has the highest number if marijuana using people in the world. There are Canadian Marijuana seed banks also. This is taking place despite the presence of strict laws against marijuana in Canada. However in Canada medical use of marijuana is legal. So there are Canadian marijuana seeds exchanges for medical use.

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