Marijuana Growing Supplies

Marijuana Growing Supplies

Marijuana Growing Supplies

Marijuana cultivation has become very popular due to its great demand. As marijuana is not only used as a recreational drug but also as a medicine its demand as well as price has increased significantly. There are many countries in the world that allow the cultivation of marijuana to an extent. Some of them are Afghanistan, Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico. As marijuana cultivation has become a profit making enterprise many people also cultivate marijuana at home. Marijuana can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. But marijuana continues to be a banned drug. Though medical use of marijuana has been legalized in many countries like Canada and Germany, recreational use of marijuana is not allowed even in these countries. So marijuana cultivation involves risks. Therefore  people generally prefer to grow marijuana indoors. Moreover growing cannabis indoors also gives the cultivator greater control over the environment. Plants can also be protected from frost and heavy rain if they  are grown indoors.

For growing cannabis indoors you should have all the necessary items. There are many marijuana growing supplies in market. They can also be bought online. These marijuana growing supplies include seeds, fertilizers ,pesticides and many other equipments like carbon filter necessary for growing cannabis indoors.
There are many strains of seeds specially prepared for growing cannabis indoors. There are many kinds of seeds available. Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis are important varieties. Sativa seeds are very popular as they have high THC content. Marijuana seeds are also available in male and female version. Female seeds are highly popular as they are very intoxicating.
To grow marijuana you first need to germinate the seeds. Marijuana seeds need a warm and moist atmosphere to germinate . Usually they take about 12 hours to 8 days to germinate. One quick method to germinate the seeds is to soak them in a cup of warm water and  keep the cup in a dark room for 24 hours.
To grow marijuana after germination , you must plant the sprouts. The soil that is ideal for growing marijuana is that which is well drained, has all the essential nutrients and has a neutral pH content. Loamy soil is considered to be the best for this purpose.
For growing marijuana indoors you should make proper arrangement for light as growth of marijuana plants depends upon the amount of light they receive. Marijuana plants need a considerable amount of light during its growth. If the supply of light is not adequate then your plants will have poor growth. Use fluorescent bulbs for this purpose. Many marijuana growing supplies kits offer fluorescent lights. Fix the lights at a distance of two feet from the plants. Some marijuana growing supplies kit also contain an equipment called reflector. It is used to maximize the utilization of lights.
It is also important to provide essential nutrients to the plants. Use fertilizers .Organic fertilizers like peat moss are considered better. Also use pesticides to protect your plants from pests. It is also important to water your plants. However do not over do it as it will harm your plants. Sometimes ,marijuana plants also emit a foul odor. People use an equipment called the carbon filter to dispel the smell.

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