Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana cultivation is becoming very popular these days owing to the growing demand for marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Its use for recreational purposes is quite common in western world more specifically in North America. Canada has the highest number of marijuana users in the world if some recent reports are to be believed. A considerable proportion Americans are also into marijuana .So, the demand for marijuana is very high in these countries.

If you have secured the permission for growing marijuana for personal or medical use then you  need familiarize your self about the seeds. Marijuana seeds are typically divided into male and female seeds. An ordinary marijuana plant will have both male and feminized seeds. But if you use high quality marijuana seeds then you will have more feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are considered better because they have high THC content and thus highly intoxicating. Feminized seeds are created either by cloning them or by “shocking “ them by using a silver spray. If you want to grow high quality hydroponic marijuana, use feminized marijuana seeds.
For hydroponic growing of marijuana you must first germinate the feminized seed. Soak the seeds in a cup of warm water. They will need 12 hours to 8 days to germinate.
You must know that for growing hydroponic marijuana you do not have to use soil. In this process plants are grown by proving them the essential minerals in water. Hydroponic growing of marijuana has become very popular because it produces very potent plants. If feminized marijuana seeds are used , the results are even better. However it also requires your constant attention and daily monitoring.
For hydroponic growing of marijuana you must keep in mind certain factors. The air flow should be good , the water should be easily available and there should be a constant supply of electricity and the temperature of the room should be around 60 degrees F. The germinated seeds are placed in a hydroponic system and should receive a certain amount of light every day. When the plants are developing a root system, the they should receive 16 to 18 hours of light every day. When the root system is well developed then increase the period to 18 to 24 hours. During the flowering stage reduce the period to 12 hours. After this is the harvesting stage .
The time taken for the cultivation is 4 months. Beginners should start with Indica variety of seeds as they grow faster. For best results use feminized marijuana seeds.
Now that you are aware about marijuana can be cultivated, it time you learn about the legal market for this drug. The medicinal properties of the weed has allowed it avoid stringent laws in some states and in some countries it now legally possible to buy and sell marijuana under certain restrictions.  Moreover if you wish to grow marijuana you need to familiarize yourself with your local state laws. Certain countries offer individuals with special permissions to cultivate limited amounts of marijuana for medical purposes. This has allowed many people today grow marijuana themselves. You can also do the same subject to your local laws. You can choose to grow marijuana indoors, outdoors using soil or by the hydroponic method where no soil is used. Irrespective of whatever technique you use for growing marijuana, please make sure that you do not break any laws.

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