Growing Hydroponic Marijuana

Growing Hydroponic Marijuana

Growing Hydroponic Marijuana

If we consider the recreational drugs in vogue today, marijuana is likely to come across as one with least side effects. Moreover it is also known to posses medicinal properties that have encouraged some governments to permit its cultivation. In many countries there are marijuana laws which allow patients to cultivate marijuana for medical use. If you grow marijuana at home then you can be sure of its quality and you do not have to spend money to buy marijuana from the market. So, like many others, you can also grow marijuana at home. But for this you need to know the steps involved in the cultivation of marijuana and other relevant details.

One needs to understand that marijuana can be grown in various ways. It can be grown both indoors or outdoors using soil or without using soil. Hydroponic growing of marijuana is the cultivation of marijuana without using soil. Here the plants are cultivated by planting them in water mixed with essential nutrients. Growing hydroponic marijuana has become very popular because the product produced is very potent.
For growing hydroponic marijuana you first need seeds. Marijuana seeds are basically of three kinds- Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Sativa is considered better as it is more intoxicating. These seeds are also available in male and feminized versions. An ordinary marijuana plant will contain both male and female marijuana seeds. But to grow exclusively female seeds you will have to use high quality feminized seeds. These seeds are created by cloning them or by “shocking” them by using a silver spray. Feminized marijuana seeds have high THC content and so are highly intoxicating and are in great demand. For growing hydroponic marijuana if you use these seeds you will get better results.
To grow marijuana in a hydroponic way you must keep in mind certain things. Remember that these plants need constant monitoring. There are many systems that are used to grow marijuana. It is better to use the reservoir and wick systems. Both these systems are called Passive Hydroponic methods as they do not require active supply of water like pumps etc.
To grow marijuana first germinate the seeds .Soak them in warm water. They will germinate in 12 hours to 8 days. The next step is to plant the sprouts. One important hydronic medium is the oasis floral foam. Make holes in it and plant the sprouts. However they are quite expensive. You can also use rock wool as they are less expensive and are also reusable.
For growing hydroponic marijuana the air circulation should be good. The temperature of the room should be around 60 degree F. There should be available water supply and a constant supply of electricity. The plants should also receive a certain amount of light. When the plants are developing a root system then they should receive 16 to 18 hours of light everyday. When the root system has developed they should receive 18 to 24 hours of light. During the flowering period they should get 12 hours of light. The cultivation period is of 4 months. Now that you know how to grow marijuana go ahead with your cultivation but do keep the local laws in mind as violations of legal provisions governing marijuana usage can land you in serious trouble which you would like to avoid.

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  1. I live in North Carolina and i’ve been hearing for almost two years that its going they are going to legalize medical marijuana and I have heard nothing but talk. Do you think that it will ever happen. I have been studying for almost two years on how to grow hydroponic marijuana but doing it with tomatoes I have bought and built everything to do it but without the laws changing its all in vain. I have even made two trips two Colorado to learn more can you tell me when or ever you think it will be legal?

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