High Quality Marijuana Seeds

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

If you are interested in growing marijuana for medical use then it is imperative that you only consider high quality marijuana seeds. However irrespective of its medicinal value it is still illegal to buy or sell marijuana in many places. In some states you are allowed to take marijuana for medicinal purposes in very low dosage and cultivate them in small quantities.

Americans are fast learning to grow their own weed in their backyard or indoors. It is fairly easy to grow marijuana and the steps to cultivate it are just like any other plants. Be advised that growing marijuana is illegal as well but people are learning to grow the plant in their privacy of their homes.
This is because people who enjoy grow your own weed do not want to be bothered by dealing with sources which they do not trust and also, approaching certain people might look suspicious. Therefore in order to skip the awkward part and avoid contacting any drug dealer, people prefer to growing cannabis at home by using high quality marijuana seeds.
To grow marijuana, the first thing that you would need is high quality marijuana seed. These can be easily procured from a friend who has a stash stored. Ask him to leave some seeds out for you when he makes his joint. You can procure them for free as a knowledgeable marijuana maker will be careful to avoid including marijuana seed in his joints as they are not good for smoking.
Once you have procured the seeds, for marijuana growing troubleshooting its now time to germinate them. This can be easily done by taking a moist cloth and putting the seeds in the cloth. This can be done using a moist towel or cloth. The medium you would be using to germinate the seeds must not be soaking wet but moist. Usually, marijuana seeds take 24 hours to germinate, however, it could also take several days or a week for the germination process to be completed, and therefore don?t go referring to marijuana growing troubleshooting and be patient.
When the seeds begin to crack and a shoots starts to appear, put the germinated seeds in a pot and cover them with some soil. For growing cannabis at home, it is important that you put the germinated seeds in moist soil. This would increase the chances of the plant to take to the roots.
Once you have planted the seeds in a pot and covered them with moist soil, then you can exposed the newly potted marijuana plant to some light. Experts believe that in order to grow marijuana, you should use Fluorescent lights. These lights are considered the best.  Now, it is advisable that you put the lights two inches above the plane. And even after the plants starts to grow, keep the lights two inches from the plant. These plants don?t require natural lights and if you are planning to grow them in-doors then Fluorescent lights are your best option.
Now that the basics of growing your own marijuana have been established, there are a certain key points that you can use to ensure that your beloved plant grows well. Start by getting the right kind of soil.  You should not use unsterilized soil and should make sure that the plant is not acidic. The soil should also contain humus so that it retains moisture and result in a healthy marijuana plant.  Also make sure that you plot the plant in a large container so that you won?t have to transplant the plant to a different one when it starts to grow.

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