Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana is a drug that is widely cultivated in the world, particularly in Latin American countries is major producers of this drug and source of cheap marijuana seeds. Marijuana generates very high revenue for these countries. There is a great demand for marijuana particularly in North America. So marijuana cultivation is a quick way to earn big bucks.

There are mainly three kinds of marijuana seeds-Indices, Sativa and Ruderalis. Indica variety is mostly grown in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Indica plants are shorter and thicker. The leaves are broader and greener. The sativa variety is grown in Latin American countries like Mexico, Colombia etc. It is taller, slimmer and the leaves are of a lighter shade of green .Sativa is considered to give a greater high than Indica. Ruderalis is found in the wild areas of Russia and Eastern Europe. Marijuana seeds are also divided in male and female seeds, the latter is considered to be better and hence are in great demand world wide.
Many people grow marijuana in their homes. You can also do this if you local laws permit the same. But you should keep certain things in mind. If you also want to grow marijuana you should be aware of easy marijuana growing ways. First of all steer clear from using cheap marijuana cheap if you want to grow high quality marijuana. The best marijuana seeds are the most expensive and give a very good high. Cheap marijuana seeds would not produce such results.
First you should do the most basic thing. To grow marijuana you must first soak the seeds in warm water to germinate them. The seeds take around 12 hours to 8 days to germinate. They need a warm  and moist environment to germinate. After germination the next step involved is planting the  sprouts. For this you have knowledge about which soil to use. Marijuana seeds grow best in loamy soil. Use fertilizers to boost growth.  One of the best ways for marijuana growing is to use organic fertilizers like peat moss etc. Marijuana plants do not need fertilizers for the first few days. But, later use it to increase growth and increase the amount when the plants grow bigger.
Marijuana can be grown both outdoors and indoors. If marijuana is grown outdoors that sun light will be the source of light. For indoor growing of marijuana you need artificial light. Use fluorescent lights. You should also be careful about the ventilation. Marijuana plants need proper ventilation to grow. So the place where you grow marijuana should be well ventilated. If you want to grow marijuana in your closet, then should make it a point to open the door of the closet from time to time to let the plants breathe. Also keep on checking the humidity level of your room.  Humidity slackens marijuana growth. Also water your plants and keep the bugs out by using  pesticides.
These were some of the easy marijuana growing ways. But remember if you want the best results always use high quality marijuana seeds. There are many cheap marijuana seeds available in the market that promises to give excellent results. But this is highly unlikely. Cheap seeds can not produce high quality marijuana .So buy good marijuana seeds. They are available in the markets and also online. They are a bit expensive, no doubt ,but they will give no reasons to complain.

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